Room 3: Jane

Room 3 is a spacious haven inspired by legendary primatologist, Dr. Jane Goodall. The overall atmosphere in this room is one of peace and tranquility.


  • 1x Super King Size Bed (180cm wide)
  • Ensuite Bathroom with Hot-water Bath and Shower
  • Desk (W57 x L40 x H75 cm)
  • 2-Seater Sofa
  • Large, Built-in Wardrobe/Closet
  • Ceiling fan
  • AC
  • Pool view

The room is well-lit, but the shutters and thick curtains make it easy to lie-in long past sunrise. So, if you’re wanting to catch the stunning sunrise at Angkor Wat, make sure you set your alarm!

Earthy tones and shades of green dominate the color palette, reflecting the environments in which Goodall made her groundbreaking discoveries about wild chimpanzees. Although there aren’t any wild chimps in Siem Reap, you’ll see monkeys at the temples, and maybe even in this room…

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Room 3: Jane
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