Room 4: Ada

Room 4 draws inspiration from Ada Lovelace—The Bride of Science—whose groundbreaking work in the field of computer programming continues to inspire generations, even though her contributionswere largely overshadowed until recently.


  • 1x Large Single Bed (120cm wide)
  • Desk (W74 x L152 x H77 cm)
  • Spacious built-in wardrobe/closet and shelf
  • Ceiling fan
  • AC
  • Pool view

One of the first things you’ll see on entering Room 4 is “The Bride of Science,” a biography that sheds light on Ada’s remarkable life and achievements laid on our upcycled pi-shaped table (π). We also showcase Note G Ada’s groundbreaking algorithm which she wrote to calculate Bernoulli numbers using Babbage’s analytical engine. Widely recognized as the first algorithm ever created specifically for a machine, and laying the foundation for the future of computing, Ada Lovelace has finally been given her place in history as the world’s first computer programmer.

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Room 4: Ada
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