Room 6: Claudette

Room 6 is a tribute to Claudette Colvin, whose act at the young age of 15 helped the fight for racial equality take significant a step forward. While being one of the smaller rooms, the layout and almost floor to ceiling windows make the space appear much bigger.


  • 1x King Size Bed (160cm wide)
  • Desk (W83 x L134 x H66 cm)
  • Freestanding clothes rail with shelves
  • Ceiling fan
  • AC
  • Garden view

The room is simply furnished with a mix of modern and vintage pieces that capture the era of Colvin’s activisism. Muted, earthy tones make the room a calming space, while pops of color channel 1950s styles.

Room 6 incorporates chrome accents which are both reminiscent of the 1950s and of the inside of the busses that Claudetter Colvin, Rosa Parks, and many more brave women took a stand on

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Room 6: Claudette
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